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Vinnie and Funday leave the body where it is, staying apart to let the images from moments ago flee from their minds. The former in particular, has to wash the blood from his hands... a feat that is easier said than done. (I mean, it is sewage after all...)
What could be on Vinnie's mind? Is it safe to leave Funday alone like this? What happened to Svenn could happen to them, too... but now-- there is no home. Just piles and piles of trash, junk, and dirty food. If any food...
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2016-08-16 00:13:12 
Man, seeing what they saw could sober up the drunkest blaggart in London.
2016-08-16 03:11:27 
Yeah :<
2016-08-16 04:43:48 
Yes, Vinnie... NO THANKS TO YOU. Nice work on this, once more. I'm feeling so bad for poor Funday.
2016-08-16 05:48:37 
Funday: "I think it's time you leave..." / Vinnie: :< But Funday...