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I had to tone down Vinnie's dialogue a bit so he wasn't a total asshole to Funday, but there is still a bit of a blunt tone in his voice to remind Funday they have to move forward. Patrick's cynicism is starting to rub off on Vinnie, as my friend had noted-- and it might not do him any furthers after seeing Svenn's ribcage and guts on the floor.
He wants out. Funday has no words... He's pretty much walking on eggshells here...
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2016-08-18 00:13:54 
Man, I hope Funday doesn't stay mad at him. Granted, he did make her see a VERY gruesome sight, but Vinnie was only trying to see if he could help give her some closure, albeit with a much-less-mangled version of Svenn...
2016-08-18 03:28:26 
Yeah. :(
2016-08-18 02:44:38 
Funsplosion in threeeeeeee... twoooooooooo... ooooooooooneeeeee... XP Vinnie has a point though. But she's not going to like it. She needs moar hugs. PRONTO.
2016-08-18 03:28:13 
She's gonna suck him in the gut so hard some of his own guts might pop out. X3