Beverly Junebed

One of three daughters in the Junebed family, and the second youngest. Beverly's childhood was certainly a lot better than Patrick and Vinnie's, though that's not to say it was not off to a rather good start. As a young girl she had not only had one of her prized Christmas gifts robbed from her, but she was attacked with it on the same night by a young boy... a memory that rob her of happiness for a long time.

While she has made strides through family help to find trust and faith into the world, and appears to have gotten better, she still feel the world could rob her again of her happiness. Beverly's role in the family has certainly grown as she has gotten older, and should she be able to conquer her fears and insecurities about the world around her, she hopes to one day step away from the family business and start a career for herself. Something a little less complicated than what her father and mother do, at least.


Francis O'Ira (aka) "Funday"

"Funday" as she's commonly called, is a rodent who's happiness knows no limits. Even when facing some of the most darkest moments of her life, be they her family's passing or being isolated beneath the soil of the earth above her, Funday is someone who knows life shouldn't be about worrying and stressing the inevitable. As a child, her nickname came from her cheerful personality and whimsical nature.

When her parents passed away, Funday's life in crime as a means to survive finally took full swing. Meeting Patrick one day in the patented 'Crime Box' used to collect miniature troublemakers around the city, she would eventually join him in bigger and bolder heists. That's not to say that she doesn't have any remorse for what Patrick often needs help with stealing or robbing, and Funday looks to atone for her actions soon.


Patrick "The Thursday Thief"

Born and raised by a mother of modest wealth, Patrick was a rebellious youth who couldn't sit in one place. After stealing an toy sled one cold winter night from a toymaker, his obsession with thievery hasn't stopped-- and neither did his bad attitude along the way. Granted, there have been a few moments of self-doubt and contemplation along the way, but the goal remains the same.

Patrick doesn't prefer to settle for just stealing from his own common mouse and someone's housecat-- he goes for the collections of human goods. Anything he can't fit, he'll sell; anything valuable, he'll keep for his own collection.



A rat with no last name, and folks aren't quite so sure if Svenn is even his first name.

With the world being shared by humans and talking animals, this particular characters has grown dissatisfied with such a concept. Society, in his eyes, has changed for the worse and he yearns for a day in which animals shouldn't have to adapt to human language, traits, and ethics. Government rule and strict laws are meant to be broken, he believes; animals should be free, out in the wild, living in a state of anarchy.

Svenn is a rebel who's as much as a conspiracy theorist as he is someone willing to toss eggs and shoes at political figures. The question is... are there more like him?


Vincent 'Vinnie' Edenton

Much like the Civil War itself, the Edenton family was still two sides divided. Vincent's father remained faithful to his Union uniform, while his wife Eudora's grandfather remained a South supporter through and through.

When Vinnie grew of age, he had finally had enough. Having escaped the war-torn regions of an ongoing war among animals who simply refused to see the loss carry on years after it's initial start, this young man needed a new life-- a home away from home. Of course, be careful what you wish for!

Now residing in London, he has for a period of time been Patrick's partner in crime... but one does grow tired being both a whipping boy and walking stick to the Thursday thief's constant abuse. Will Vinnie ever decide to turn things around?