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In trying to confirm this was indeed Svenn, Vinnie's search is ultimately helped (or ruined) by Funday pulling him out... and out comes the corpse.
They're going to need a moment...
I'm playing it a bit safe here, this is nowhere near Issue 3 levels of torture-- but, it could still unnerve some people. Take it as you will.
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2016-08-11 08:08:07 
Gee, Vinnie, THANKS. Now we all have that huge graphic image to deal with. D: Poor Funday... I want to hug her too. Nice job on this, though. XD I can't stop staring at the mangled corpse.
2016-08-11 08:31:08 
Vinnie's good intentions always wind up messing things up. ;D
2016-08-11 08:22:10 
Wow..... o____o I honestly had a little hope that he would actually survive but I guess not ^^; I feel so bad for Funday having to see him like this ;o;
2016-08-11 08:31:20 
Yeah. :<