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As the first of two weeks near towards my decision to put KUWT (my webcomic Keeping Up with Thursday) on permanent hiatus looms near (August 6th), I'm afraid I might have to make the decision earlier than anticipated.
KUWT is not dead, nor is it closed off completely. There is a chance that KUWT could very well pick up again if I move from jobs + art to college + art, whichever path I wind up taking. Think of it as simply being in a place where the comic's story left on a positive note, but like all good fairy tales, the ending has yet to come full circle.
It is best to assume KUWT's on a cliffhanger status for now until I can sort out my future. Years back I did this but was unsuccessful, and made commissions my income. For a brief period I was foolish to think I didn't have to work, that commissions could be my bread and butter, but this was a really stupid idea, lol. Social security's a real thing, y'know, and I don't want to be broke when I'm 60.
The more commissions you wind up doing to survive and wait until jobs finally see your name on the waiting list, the less and less you think about KUWT other than "Hey remember...?" It's not for lack of interest in KUWT, it just winds up lost in my train of thought.
I'd like to thank my friends, fans, and family for helping me get this far. Like all webcomics, not every one of them are financially successful. KUWT would be in that category. Sometimes you set the world on fire early on or over time, but more often than not your chances of being the next Homestuck simply do not compute.
On the bright side, KUWT fueled my passion for drawing and I've come a long way since it's debut on Christmas 2010 on DrunkDuck. It gave me a chance to practice, study, learn, experiment, explore, enhance. I got to work with some fantastic people, like one of the guys who worked on Dust: An Elysian Tail, I got assistance and help from the two best authors and artists Darcy and Matt Sowers of Codename: Hunter fame, I got to draw for Nordic Fuzzcon 2017, and plenty more. Thank you so, so much.
I will be posting up the official notice about the comic on ComicFury, and Clickthulu sometime later this week.
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