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Funday has a brief pause to remember where she is with the rest of them-- the Finnigan riots, the crimes with Patrick, Svenn's bullheaded-ness...
Of course, though-- it gets tiresome. Doomed to forever play the game unless you catch a luck break to quit.
All the while, Patrick and Svenn's words on one another might've gone a little too far. Their petty quarrel now going from a heated exchange to the hands around the throat! Funday, stop them quick before they hurt each other!
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2016-07-21 03:49:55 
Nice job on the lighting, once more! XDD Get 'em, get 'em! Also... Miranda's with them too??
2016-07-21 13:40:34 
Yeah, Patrick mentions her awhile back. :3 She's not in the location but she's part of the mission. :3
2016-07-21 15:58:34 
Wonder who comes out victorious in this one heh
2016-07-21 22:49:24 
Gonna say Svenn. :D
2016-07-22 22:17:32 
Oh dear, what is poor Funday to do? Also, I wonder who started the scuffle?
2016-07-25 23:38:07 
Svenn, for getting interrupted of his playtime with Funday. x3