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Svenn's being a bit of a dick here, that much could be said... Patrick's had enough. Either get out or this could be a bitter and petty fight over nothing.
Hey everyone, we're back! I know the previous page said I was going to be on hiatus but that's all changed now. My commission client allowed me room to keep KUWT back on the machine.
I did have maybe a couple offers for artists who might help me keep the flow of the story going, but it looks like we'll be back on track again. If you ever wanna contribute by maybe doing a guest strip or something for fun, feel free to contact me and I can post it up here! :)
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2016-07-19 07:36:19 
XDDD That last panel reminds me of anime, for some reason. Nice job on this, once again! :D
2016-07-19 09:40:39 
Thank you! :3 Svenn is now officially the jerk of the series, haha. XDD Pat's title has been usurped!