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With a resounding THWACK! Svenn is thrown off of Patrick-- and just in time for Funday to make the save!
A shame for someone who enjoyed the company of these two since their first meeting that it has to be like this...
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2016-07-26 01:11:49 
Damn, there go Svenn's chompers. Gonna feel a bit awkward to kiss Funday now...
2016-07-26 07:43:07 
He could work for Dreamworks under the name 'Toothless' now. :D
2016-07-26 06:24:49 
I feel so bad for all of them... On a side note, Funday in the last panel... SO CUTEEE- *dies*
2016-07-26 07:43:18 
So truuuuue <3
2016-07-26 10:18:56 
Funday is so adorable in he last panel!!
2016-07-27 15:32:58