Francis O'Ira (aka) "Funday"

"Funday" as she's commonly called, is a rodent who's happiness knows no limits. Even when facing some of the most darkest moments of her life, be they her family's passing or being isolated beneath the soil of the earth above her, Funday is someone who knows life shouldn't be about worrying and stressing the inevitable. As a child, her nickname came from her cheerful personality and whimsical nature.

When her parents passed away, Funday's life in crime as a means to survive finally took full swing. Meeting Patrick one day in the patented 'Crime Box' used to collect miniature troublemakers around the city, she would eventually join him in bigger and bolder heists. That's not to say that she doesn't have any remorse for what Patrick often needs help with stealing or robbing, and Funday looks to atone for her actions soon.