Beverly Junebed

One of three daughters in the Junebed family, and the second youngest. Beverly's childhood was certainly a lot better than Patrick and Vinnie's, though that's not to say it was not off to a rather good start. As a young girl she had not only had one of her prized Christmas gifts robbed from her, but she was attacked with it on the same night by a young boy... a memory that rob her of happiness for a long time.

While she has made strides through family help to find trust and faith into the world, and appears to have gotten better, she still feel the world could rob her again of her happiness. Beverly's role in the family has certainly grown as she has gotten older, and should she be able to conquer her fears and insecurities about the world around her, she hopes to one day step away from the family business and start a career for herself. Something a little less complicated than what her father and mother do, at least.