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I know you've seen me remind you guys time and time again. I put this up once more because the longer it takes me to be financially stable, still have energy to look out for my future and take care of my family-- the harder and harder it becomes to be invested in KUWT. Getting that flu killed me, being behind in financial ruts from time to time, also killed it... and over the years, the more hiatuses I'm forced to take - I feel like KUWT interest is dying, and dying... You might say, "What about Patreon?" I don't think the KUWT fandom is large enough to warrant making a Patreon. I mean, maybe, but more people know me through my commissions than my webcomic. I have doubts as on KUWT. That said, I still can't thank you guys enough for at least fondly remembering how far we've come to Issue 16. You're all the best and I love you guys. Aaron