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Ah, so those pearls did play a hand in this after all! Our two lovely ladies and LeBrand brought this whole thing full cricle. :D
Of course, if he reaaaallly wants to stay alive, he might have to run a bit of an errand - some photos of Miss Beverly Junebed. While not a direct reference to an old side comic, it's still a bit of a tease from this amusing side comic over here:
I wonder what other things might wind up becoming canon from KUWT's past, haha. XD
Both characters belong to Foxy and Yuki, and you can find more of their amazing artwork at these websites: &
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2016-09-29 09:40:31 
.__________. What. Oh, okay, I get it now. XD This is going to be one tough job...
2016-09-29 17:28:41 
It ties to Patrick having a reason to meet Vinnie and probably Beverly later on. XD Yeah, they're very flirtatious X3
2016-09-30 08:31:23 
Yeah, Patrick needs to meet Beverly at some point. :P
2016-10-04 06:48:49 
I think the jokes work best if you've met or talked to Foxy and Yuki on deviantArt as much as I have, haha. XD