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Patrick had been so drunk and so exhausted after fighting those bats back in Issue 14, that he was pretty much zonked out for life there! Hehe. LeBrand, Roxie, and Yuki all had to step in and keep him away, at times going through great lengths to hide him... be it stuffing him beneath Miranda's fur, or making him look like Nate's cousin. XD
I'll leave it up to your imagination! XD ... But first, by the way - a bit of fan-service here - the pearl joke is in reference to some old KUWT comics in which Roxie first appeared. An olllld old old art trade that looks goofy now five years later. Here are the links to each of them: // //
Roxie belongs to Foxy!
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2016-09-27 08:58:15 
That moment when you attempt to flirt with a gal you once robbed from. XDD
2016-09-27 16:27:26