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Patrick and Svenn stirring a bit of emotion towards each other in this new page, as Funday, probably thinking this was the case-- heads back to the theft briefing table.
When our threesome had escaped the prison they were subjected to many years ago, Svenn was the first to go... and in a hurry he was in as well. While Patrick could easily understand how happy he was to escape a place where they were beaten and forced to work, he had always saw Svenn as something of an advantageous sort of rat. Happy to go - never to see anyone again, and drop all contact for sake of simply saving his own hide.
The two would meet infrequently for anything that needed to be stolen over the course of that one event, but the two would never see eye to eye-- and harbored a bit of a tension amongs the two. Patrick being someone who'd risk braving the battle out from start to finish, as opposed to leaving so soon.
I had a bit of a tough time writing the dialogue, as recent online events have left me a bit... tense myself. Part of that tension fueled Svenn and Patrick's bottom lines.
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2016-07-12 07:19:52 
Ooh, is that jealousy I smell? >:D Also, I really love the shadows in the page. Nice job!
2016-07-12 07:34:03 
Thank you! :3 And perhaps so; I think Patrick's annoyed that Svenn's hogging up the oxygen. ;D
2016-07-12 08:16:14 
Aww just had to ruin the moment Pat ;o; lol
2016-07-12 10:04:24 
Svenn and Pat look like they could throw their fists down really soon. ; W ;