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Vintage-Devil-Queen and SpiketheKlown's collaborative character Moira Dahl joins the KUWT universe in this cameo, as another partner with Roxie and Yuki's partnership! Looking over our fallen Patrick mouse, she tends to his wounds alongside the other patrons of the brothel to come to his rescue. He may need a lot of rags and a bit of medicine, ice, and stiching to be put back into one piece again... but rest assured, our friend isn't dead.
For now. ;D
Moira Dahl belongs to Vintage-Devil-Queen and SpiketheKlown~ :3 &
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2017-03-10 09:29:36 
Sorry for not commenting much. Awesome page, as always! :D (Also PATRICK IS ALIVE WOOHOOOOO- waaaaait what do you mean 'for now'??)
2017-03-11 19:48:11 
Death himself wants Patrick dead. :D