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Hey there guys! How was Thanksgiving for you guys? :3 I ate lots and spent a lot of time with my family, which helped a lot in the wake of all sorts of things going on at once for me online-wise. XD But we had scallop potatoes, mashed potatoes, strawberry cinnamon rolls, mac'n'cheese, string beans, etc. etc.
With commissions coming in regularly for the holidays, things are gonna be a wee bit tough-- but I'm gonna do my best. :3 Even gifts!
NBBowler's fursona/character Nate appears again to give Patrick some company while he waits in the hallway. Condoms (then known as 'condons' back in the day too in some places) looked pretty different back then; and some were pretty huge. XD At least the early century ones, haha. I can imagine mice looking at these and being like, "What the..." XD - Nate's dA :3 - Nate's FA :3
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2016-11-29 03:59:00 
Hehehe, how do mice keep the damn thing on? Unless they're naturally hung like that?
2016-12-01 01:03:01 
It's mostly just a joke at how funny they looked back then. XD The earliest known condoms looked like mittens. But yeah, I guess you could say mice have some big ol' dicks. XD If that's what a mouse's looked like, you can only imagine how an elephant's looked, lmao.