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Hello, everyone! You all excited for Thanksgiving? I'm giving thanks by giving you some KUWT this week! I don't think I'll be on another vacation at least until otherwise noted, seeing as holiday commissions are coming in droves! I also expect to give people some gifts in return to being some of my best buds over the last couple years. :)
We cut now to Patrick, with whom he and his mate will be spending some "time" together... well, only for a little bit-- they gotta find a room first. ;D
This si the first time within KUWT continuity that I've made things... sexual? Well, aside from another separate comic on furaffinity with Beverly and Vinnie, but this is what it is. I'm not going to run "intense" scenery here during Pat's horniness and the women he meets - that's what rule 34 is for, folks. :P Gotta still keep things clean here for a bit so I don't run the risk of getting kicked out of Clickthulu.
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2016-11-22 11:52:22 
Get some, Patrick! ;)
2016-11-22 17:57:29