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Patrick and his perversion.. XD
Maybe LeBrand can snap him out of it, hah, he's basically dreaming this up right on the counter. Wouldn't be surprised if he's knocking things over, or doing weird stuff to people, LOL. I'll let youd decide.
I don't know how far I can "push it", so I might ask a few folks on if this would be allowable on the website. KUWT's not children's material nor do I want it to be, so, but I also don't want to offend the website owners or KUWT fans either... xD
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2016-10-11 08:22:02 
That escalated quickly xDD
2016-10-11 11:23:22 
"I've been harboring feelings about you all this time!" - Beverly "Well then, let's end KUWT now and raise a family. :D" - Patrick
2016-10-11 10:15:27 
Patrick and his fantasies... XDDDDD Someone has to slap him awake.
2016-10-11 11:23:33 
Yes please. :D