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Our two rodents manage to escape the smoke and blazing fires of down below the sewers and find a way using what little resources remain to regroup. After an hourly climb up using rope, crude hookshots and braving their fear of heights-- they reach the above manhole and make it ot the top.
It's nice to see light again, even if the slums are filled with boxes for homeless animals... Even if the skies are filled with clouds, smoke from the chimneys, and bumpy roads rough enough to make your feet bleed... and even if the only inn around is a crudely concrete 'entryway' for snakes and other reptires to slither they way in, forbidding any cat or mouse to dare enter.
No map, no clothing, just little food in a pouch and the scraps of Funday and Svenn's money to try and find a way back around to London. For now our heroes part ways, on the hope that when they're finished finding what they want-- be it happiness, or answers-- they'll find each other very soon.
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2016-09-11 01:07:48 
Lucky Vinnie! He gets a kiss from Funday!
2016-09-11 02:48:08 
2016-09-11 02:17:14 
Aww. :3 Awesome ending! :D I hope Funday will be okay now.
2016-09-11 02:48:21