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Whenever time allows, I get opportunities to do KUWT pages in a sequence which leaves me time to do commissions. :3 I was able to get a couple pages done and we may see Vinnie/Funday's time end real soon.
We'll be seeing pages today, Thursday, and one on Sunday. All fo these were created in advance for me to work on my large commission-- but leave me time to wrap up this part of the story a lot quicker than expected. :)
Funday has indeed finally snapped... she's lost it all. Svenn is dead, Vinnie notwithstanding her friends are gone, and all hope is lost-- someone stop her, quick! She could hurt herself or anyone around her! D:
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2016-09-04 06:04:39 
AHHHHHH NONONONONONONONO FUNDAY!!! DDDD: Darnit, it's always the cute/quiet ones. Whyyyyy...
2016-09-04 15:44:25 
It's all going dowwwwwn. D8
2016-09-06 01:40:08 
This is a relief. From the previous page, I thought she killed/drowned herself...
2016-09-06 09:15:53 
Me too :<