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Sorry for the lateness on this one! Had a bit of a headache pain last night, and some family issues which made me have to put the page on pause and do commissions really quick. Granted now the weekend is going to be nothing but work, but it'll pay off in the end.
Bringing us back to the main story, Vinnie gets down to business to see if this is indeed Svenn's remains - let's hope it's not him... maybe they'll catch a break! Or will they find our Svenn crushed under the weight of H.G. Wells stories and other classic horror literature?
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2016-08-04 13:22:07 
D: Um... Vinnie? That's not a good idea, not with Funday here... Also, the perspective in the first panel looks so good! Nice job, as always!
2016-08-04 18:58:36 
Hehe, yeah--- last thing Funday wants to see is Svenn's fleshy fur underneath some books. XD
2016-08-04 22:57:03 
Oh man, could this mean that Svenn is alive? Or at least got out before dying? :o
2016-08-05 02:14:18 
We'll find out. :O