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We take a moment to see our characters in the beginning of a theft's preparation. Patrick discusses the layout of a map with a bunch of interesting footnots, buuuut Funday and now Svenn's mind are elsewhere. Seems like the two are doing more behidn the scenes; maybe not all the way, but they're certainly going some place, heh....
Svenn and Patrick aren't quite the best pals. Maybe distant friends at best; they acknowledge each other's role in animal humanity, but I don't see them really being actual pals. And now he's taking Funday's attention when she could be focusing.
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2016-06-30 07:51:05 
I love how she's blushing :3
2016-06-30 07:52:51 
Happy Funday is when Funday is having a fun day. :3
2016-06-30 09:17:19 
*le gasp* Is that what I think it is?? Poor Funday... :(
2016-06-30 16:39:37 
Yeah :<
2016-06-30 09:19:49 
Also, everyone's expressions in this are amazing! Nice job! :D Um... Svenn... Patrick wouldn't know only if he's not standing a few feet away from ya.
2016-06-30 16:39:51 
Hehe, thanks! :3
2016-06-30 22:24:13 
Funday is so precious!
2016-07-02 00:25:37 
<3 Indeed! I love her!