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Hello everyone, we are back and we are live! Thanks to the wonderfully good help of Matt and Darcy Sowers, 'Keeping Up with Thursday' has a new home which will be running all the new present pages! They both did such a wonderful job and I couldn't be all the more thankful. :)
The page that went up on Tuesday yesterday as of this writing was the most recent page which last went up back around December 15th of last year before I took the sabbatical. It's been so long since then so I feel the newest page has to be a 'recap' page based on the events so far.
You might've also noticed the new page size which, actually, might be helpful in the long run. During my time i off I worked on a commission with someone on FurAffinity featuring the new page sizes of 1300x1860, and it really helps clarify how things look and gives it a very crisp new 'HD' look compared to 800x1000.
Previews of the pages will go up on deviantArt and FurAffinity and all new pages will be posted here from now on. :3
I can't wait to work on this site further and improve KUWT as things progress. :) I look forward to doing more here!
Anyways, have a good weekend guys, I'll see you next week with the story back in business! =D